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Steganos Security Suite is an excellent, comprehensive application that allows you to manage various options dealing with your computer's security.

One of its main capabilities is data encryption: the program can encrypt anything from standalone files to entire units. If can also encrypt extractable units, like CDs and USBs.

Data encryption is done with the 256-bit ASD algorithm in real time. According to its authors, no one has been able to decode data encrypted with a key generated by this algorithm.

At the same time as encrypting data, it's also capable of formatting a complete disk unit, or just determined sectors. In this way, it will be impossible to figure out the information contained by the disk.

Internet security forms another part of the program. Steganos Security Suite combines different capabilities to protect your privacy on your machine. With it, it's possible to remove more than 200 browsing traces, make your favorites private and password protected, and encrypt your email, which will be unencrypted once it safely reaches its destination.

Without a doubt, the most attractive service offered by Steganos Security Suite is an anti-theft system, which will help you to recover your machine in case it falls into the wrong hands. To do that, the program regularly sends the computer's IP addresses to the company's servers, where they remains registered. With this information, it is possible to later locate the computer's physical location.

Lastly, another interesting feature is 'Crypt & Hide'. This option makes it possible to camouflage a document within an image or music file. The document that you want camouflaged will remain hidden, while the main file can be opened normally.

Trial version limited to 30 days.

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